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I like the vegan substitution - might have to look for that specific Better than Bouillon soon.

Jessica of My Baking Heart

Looks great! I love when a recipe utilizes those often-forgotten tools! :)


I love the Better than Boullion product - I subbed veggie stock for the chicken as well and thought it worked perfectly.
Glad you all (mostly) enjoyed!

Tricia S.

Agreed with you on all counts. I actually went out and bought a mortar and pestle when I saw cardomom in this one because I did not have it for the glazed carrot recipe that used bruised cardomom. Nana and I were very pleasantly surprised by how such simple ingredients led to a lovely side dish. This one was a real winner and we will be making it until the $12 bottle of cardomom pods is gone :) And maybe after that.......


I agree. So fun when the recipe calls for something you have, but seldom use. Reminds you why you have it in the kitchen.

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