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Your 6-year old sounds like a foodie in the making :-). The salad here looks fabulous!

Marianne jett

Wendy, looks amazing! Runny eggs on pizza is another winning combo ;)!


I always love it when my kids get into trying something a little off the beaten path. With so many fresh ingredients from the farmer's market - I don't know how it could have been anything but wonderful!


Your salad looks amazing and it's always a win when a six-year-old approves!


That salad looks so good and i could eat it right now. Everything seems so perfect. We both
enjoyed it at our house and when I told Tricia how wonderful it was, she is determined to try
when her schedule lightens up. Great pictures.


That is great that your six year old likes salad!
It looks wonderful, love the pics. Looking forward to more FFWD dishes!


Your pictures are wonderful, especially the one of your little guy eating his salad atop a US map placemat.

Tricia S.

Love that you shared this with your 6 year old - fabulous ! Your salad looks gorgeous. Great post :) My kids love "Dorie Food" too but they are older (15 and 17). Even still, I always feel like an esp good Mom when it is FF's.

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